Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lesson 7 - Student Choice Assignment #1 - Earthly and Heavenly Rewards

1. Review Matthew 19:16-30 and write responses to the following questions and tasks:
  • What indications can you find that suggest why the young man decided not to follow the Savior? We see that he went away sorrowful. I feel that if he wanted to follow the Savior’s advice he would have left maybe contemplating what was being asked, but not sorrowful. 
  • How does Matthew 6:19-24 help explain his choice? I think that these scriptures show us that because he was sorrowful about being asked to give away all of his possessions his heart was not with the Lord.  
  • What blessings did the Savior promise to those who make sacrifices to follow Him? The Lord promises those that make sacrifices in order to follow Him will be blessed a hundredfold and that they will also receive eternal life.
  • Based on the Savior’s response to Peter, write a paragraph that could help you put the Lord first in your life (see also the additional details in Mark 10:17-31). In order to put the Lord first in my life I need to trust in him, and not try to handle everything on my own. I feel that because I am not praying daily for answers to my problems, and strength in my trials I am keeping myself away from these promised blessings. I also need to be better about the clutter in my house. I know that if I would get rid of the physical things in my house that are not necessities our home would be cleaner, and we would be in a better place to feel the spirit.
2. Review the parable in Matthew 20:1-16 and consider what rewards come to those who serve in the Lord’s kingdom. Complete the chart below, filling in the blanks with information you find in Matthew 20:

The Hour the laborers were hired
How much the man agreed to pay them
Hours worked
How much they were actually paid
Early Morning
3rd Hour
What is right
6th Hour
What is right
9th Hour
What is right
12th Hour
What is right

3. Respond in writing to each of the following questions:
  • What do we learn from this parable about serving in the Lord’s kingdom? This parable teachers us that any effort put forth by members of the church to serve others is appreciated and rewarded by the Lord.  
  • What message of comfort can this parable have for converts to the church? No matter when we are converted to the Gospel, we are then “hired” by the Lord to serve those around us. The reward for all service is “eternal life”. 
  • What would you tell someone who feels it is unfair for each of the laborers to be paid equally? I would just remind them that judgment is left up to the Lord, and that no matter what others are getting paid, they will receive the promised reward for their efforts.

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