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Intro Week - Student Choice Assignment #3 - The Birth of Jesus Christ

Introduction Week – Student Choice Assignment #3

1.      Study Matthew 1-2; Luke 1-2, The Birth of Jesus

·        What did Joseph initially want to do when he found out Mary was with child?

o He wanted to quietly annul the marriage arrangement.

·        What did Joseph decide to do after the visit of the angel in his dream? What does this suggest about Joseph’s character?

o After Joseph was visited in his dreams by an angel, he decided to go ahead and marry Mary.

o  I think this reaction shows that he cared deeply for Mary’s well-being and he truly trusted that the Lord would take care of them both.

·        How many time in these chapters was Joseph guided by the Lord in a dream? What does this suggest about Joseph’s spiritual sensitivity?

o Joseph was visited by the Lord 4 times in a dream.

o  This tell us that Joseph was very sensitive to the spirit.  He kept himself close to the Lord.  He must have prayed constantly. 

·        Although Joseph was not the literal father of Jesus, he was a righteous man entrusted by Heavenly Father to be a guardian to His Son in mortality. Write about at least two qualities Joseph demonstrated that you think you could develop to help you prepare to be a good parent.

o Joseph was thoughtful.  When a problem arose he was not quick to respond. He would think about what was going on, and what the options were.  As a mom, I know that I am quick to react which is not usually a good thing.  I let my temper and impatience get the best of me.  If I can learn to slow down and access the situation more I would be understanding and more able to take advantage of teaching opportunities with my children. I imagine that Jesus was able to learn patience from his wonderful father Joseph.

o Joseph was trusting. He knew that Mary was a kind and honest person and that allowed him to trust her and not just turn her away.  He also trusted his Father in Heaven. He knew that the Lord loved him and was aware of his trials and because of that when questions arose he was able to turn to the Lord for direction. As a parent it is important to trust the Lord.  There will be many trials to face as a parent, but the Lord knows to maneuver them all. When we are able to ask the Lord for help and trust his guidance our trials will be bearable and he will help us to find peace.

2.      How is Mary referred to in Luke 1:28? From the account in Luke 1:26-  56, make a list of Mary’s qualities that you think distinguish her as one who would be “favoured” by God with the special mission of being the mother of the mortal Messiah. Write a paragraph about one of Mary’s qualities that you want to develop more fully and what difference it would make in your life.

·        Mary is called “highly favoured” by the angel

·        List of Qualities that make Mary “favoured”

o Faithful

o Humble

o Servant

·        My favorite quality that Mary possesses is humility.  I think this is a very important quality for a woman to have.  I hope to be able to be more humble. Lately I have been prideful in my trials.  I have been trying to solve all of my problems by myself.  If I were able

3.      Matthew 1:1-17 and Luke 3:23-38 contain genealogies of Jesus Christ. In the institute student manual, read the commentary for Matthew 1:17; Luke 3:23-38, “Jesus Descended from Kings” (p. 22). Write a statement about the possible significance of the genealogy of Jesus Christ and why the two accounts are slightly different.

4.      Read the institute student manual Points to Ponder: “Jesus was the First Begotten in the Spirit and the only Begotten in the Flesh” (p. 16) and “Because God was His Father, Jesus had power over life and death” (p. 24). Read John 10:17-18 and Mosiah 3:7. Then write a paragraph explaining why it was necessary for Jesus Christ to have an immortal Father and mortal mother.

5.      Study Luke 2:1-16 and complete the following assignments:

·        Write 6 questions that cover what you think are the most important details of the Savior’s birth. In the parenthesis after each question, write the correct answer and the verse where the answer can be found.







·        List five phrases from Luke 2:1-16 that you think would be good titles for a talk about Jesus Christ at Christmastime.






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